Blaze marks have been used to mark trails

over the past two hundred years

in Willmore Wilderness Park.


The trails we travel are in the west end of Willmore Wilderness Park. Willmore Park is directly north of Jasper National Park. Willmore’s western boundary follows the Great Continental Divide. An untouched alpine frontier, the park is 4597 sq. km. of pristine wilderness. It’s one of the last virgin expanses of this planet earth. The park is abundant with wildlife and wildflowers.

Our trips vary from mellow and easy on the 5-day trips, which are good for beginners or families. For those seeking a more adventurous holiday, our longer trips venture deep into Willmore. Due to the remoteness, we rarely see other people – even on a two-week trip! These 10 -14 day excursions take you on trails rarely traveled by anyone through beautiful, rugged country.

Grande Cache: 
Willmore Park is accessed just north of the town of Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada. Resting on the flank of Grande Mountain, Grande Cache is said to be one of the last unknown spots in the Rocky Mountains. A small town surrounded by majestic vistas of the front ranges, it is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Rafting, trail riding, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, golfing, mountain biking, extreme adventure racing and using all-terrain vehicles, are popular activities. For the most part, every trail and river is a wilderness experience with virtually no signs of civilization.

In town, there are several good restaurants and other retail services available. Amenities include a Tourism Interpretive Centre, a fully serviced Recreation Centre & Arena, a Hospital, and Medical Centre. The population of about 4000 is friendly. Accommodations are very economical, with rates less than 1/4 of the national parks. Visitors can stay in Hotels, Motels, Vacation Apartment Suites, or at a Bed & Breakfast. There are five campgrounds with a fully serviced municipal campground located adjacent to the town site.

The small town is located north of Jasper on the Bighorn Highway 40. Grande Cache is about 2 hrs. drive from Jasper. Take Highway 16 east, then turn north onto Highway 40. The drive is very scenic. Experience Blue Lake Lodge when you pass through William Switzer Park. This lodge is located near many lakes & rivers…..or try an overnight stay at a spectacular log Rock Lake Lodge on your journey to/from Grande Cache. The mountain ranges pass from view as the highway heads over the Berland Pass. As you near Grande Cache, and pass by a trio of mountain lakes, the Rockies’ northern front ranges dramatically unfold.