Jackpine River
Willmore Wilderness Park


What Gear You Should Bring:
Mountain weather in Willmore Wilderness Park is unpredictable – be prepared for anything from hot sunshine to wind, rain and occasionally snow. You will need to provide your own sleeping bag. Following our gear list will help you make sure you’re prepared.

  • A sleeping bag good to -20′ Celsius

    ..or -10′ Fahrenheit

    • A sleeping pad (ensolite, thermarest or foamy)

    • Personal items (soap, towel, toothpaste, etc.)

    • Two or three changes of clothing

    • Comfortable jeans for riding

    • Wool sweater

    • Winter jacket

    • Rainwear

    • Gloves & hat

    • Wet-weather footwear

    • Riding boots or similar narrow-toed boots

    • Flashlight

    • Matches

    • Insect repellent

    • Sun lotion & sunglasses

    • Camera & film

    • Fishing Gear (optional)

Packing Your Gear:
All gear should be packed in a waterproofed duffel bag (lining the bag with plastic bags will work). The bag should weigh no more than 13.5 kgs (30 lbs). Easily damaged articles should be wrapped in your sleeping bags. Make sure to leave your rain gear and a warm jacket on the back of your saddle. A cowboy hat or a rain hat is always a good idea.

While on the trail or at the base camp wall tents are provided.

Accommodations in the town of Grande Cache can be arranged for before and after your trip.