Eaton Falls …
Willmore Wilderness Park


Exploratory Expeditions in the Canadian Rockies
… along the 
Continental Divide

Experience the ultimate in adventure travel. Venture deep into the Rocky Mountains and share the feelings of those that joined the expeditions of the first cowboys and mountain men. Explore Alberta’s Rocky Mountain secret places where no one has been for “quite a spell”. There is an area in northern Willmore Wilderness Park directly north of Banff and Jasper National Parks, that has been virtually inaccessible for many years. Join us in this adventure destination as we rediscover this forgotten land. Try trout fishing in streams that have been untouched for many years, enjoy a wilderness camping adventure. The wildlife and wildflowers are incredible.

Have you ever wondered what the Indians, cowboys and mountain men felt as they moved deep into the Rocky Mountains, discovering places where the alpine expanses, valleys and rivers were unnamed? Time travel back in an exploratory expedition as we ride deep into the wilderness, coming across old long-forgotten camping sites from yesteryear.

You will spend 10 to 18 days living life on the trail. Experience an adventure travel vacation that will recall the physical stamina needed for survival in days gone by. Camps will be moved regularly with the packhorses. The Alberta rocky mountain trails will be rugged. You will experience an exploratory adventure similar to the native people and old time cowboys of days gone by. This exploratory expedition vacation takes travellers into spectacular scenery. Ask about our Continental Divide trip.