High Country Vacations welcomes and encourages your contact inquiries. We invite you to visit the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We are members of the Alberta Rockies Adventures consortium that is sponsored by the Willmore Wilderness Foundation that facilitates guests connecting with the essence of Alberta’s mountain past!

High Country Vacations offers breathtaking adventures and activities along the eastern slopes of the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains! Rediscover folklore, local legends and immerse yourself in historic culture through tented packhorse trips. You will view spectacular scenic vistas and abundant wildlife, crystal-clear alpine and sub-alpine lakes, rivers and streams

High Country Vacations is located on the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies, and we provide stunning backcountry trips in Willmore Wilderness Park, a pristine and untouched area ideal for visitors who wish to partake in the traditional mountain lifestyle. Our lives and business are interwoven with Rocky Mountain history, stories, and a unique mountain and horseback culture. Some of our staff are descendants of the fur trade who can share Canada’s true and untold stories about the opening of the West. Experience traditional experiences with traditional people!

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Many are unaware that Willmore Wilderness Park is also known as Improvement District #25 (ID #25). This short vignette shares how the Willmore Wilderness Foundation has been managing this magnificent Rocky Mountain playground.

This short movie shares some of the history of Willmore Wilderness Park and those who looked after its infrastructure. Enjoy the magnificent cinematography  of one of the most beautiful parks in North America.

The video was produced by People & Peaks Productions Ltd.